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Direct Routing for Business

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Tradition Phone Systems vs. Direct Routing VoiP for Business Voice Systems

Traditional phone systems have offered businesses the stability of a static and reliable means for contact for customers and business associates. With the constant demands, and ever-changing landscape, of today’s business environments communication is as important as ever. So why would business leaders consider a switch from this tried-and-true means of communication to the new Direct Routing VioP for business voice solution? Simply because Direct Routing offers all the features, security, and reliability of traditional phone systems at a fraction of the price.

A Direct Routing business solution offers the ability for customers and business associates to contact you using a traditional phone system or a VoiP solution. You can have the mobility, using Office 365, to take your calls and voice messages with you. So that you are never tied down to one location. With Direct Routing you have the stability of a traditional phone system with the mobility of a VoiP solution.

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